Eco Club

CCRC Eco Club has long been incorporated in the college with an enthusiastic initiation supported by motivation, inspiration and true dedication of the students for raising awareness in environment conservation. It is one of the most actively functioning units of students which has been playing active role in the field of environment conservation like conducting sanitation campaigns in and around the college, placement of rubbish bins, tree taggin

Apart from the regular activities, this year the students also involved in welfare activities like blood donation program and collecting support for flood victims of Terai. At present, there are more than 50 active members in the club and it has further plans to work in cooperation with the environmental organizations like World Wide Fund for Nature, The World Conservation Union and other similar organizations.

263 Donors participated in blood donation program organized by CCRC Eco Club

  • Conceptualized in 2004 by the CCRcians Ritesh Karki and Sadhana Thapa
  • Established for the contribution to the conservation of environment
  • Launches eco-friendly activities
  • The maxim of the club is "Youth Initiation For Environmental Conservation"
  • Comes under the purview of the college as a college supported program
  • The ideas of  each individual is given importance
  • A platform to serve for the society and render the volunteer works
  • Works inside CCRC and in the community as well
  • Organizes various programs such as blood donation, sanitation, relief works and  various competitions etc.
  • Volunteers in the various events organized by college
  • To mobilize youth for environmental conservation
  • To unite youths for the development of the team spirit of and coordination
  • To inspire others to reduce pollution by initiating cleanliness and sanitation campaigns from time to time
  • To eradicate drug abuse by making youths aware of its bad effects
  • To make public aware of HIV and AIDS
  • To attract youths towards social services with selfless propensity
  • To give the right platform to the youths for sharing their views by initiating different curricular programs and activities like drawing competition, elocution etc.
  • To volunteer in different internal and external programs.


Latest Event

Jun 27, 2018

The 10 + 2 program of CCRC is affiliated to Nepal Education Board (NEB). This program is worldwide equivalent to 12 years high school and intermediate level studies.

Students Views

The facilities at the College is impeccable and the variety of services available made me always feel very supported.

Taman Pande
Taman Pande

I like the friendly atmosphere here and the fact the teachers are really close to the students. We are very supported in our studies. Some of the teachers are really kind and their way of teaching is really interesting. They are also very motivational. We are enthused by the classes. My grades have gone up a lot as the classes are smaller here, so the teacher has more time to focus on each student.

Rajan Shakya
Rajan Shakya

I can positively say Capital College has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive

Aishwarya Jayaraman
Aishwarya Jayaraman