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Orientation for new Grade XI will be held on 5th Shrawan 2074 at CCRC at 11:00am
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Message from Principal

CCRC heartily welcomes all our prospective students and their families to be the part of a vibrant learning community which is well-known for its high quality education and its excellent student-support activities in the country.

CCRC occupies a unique position in the +2 education of the country because of outstanding performances of our students in each successive year and their greater than ever placements in different fields of study such as medicine, engineering, business studies and humanities in the country and abroad. We work together at CCRC to provide an environment where students feel welcomed, safe, cared, respected, connected with a sense of well-being and belonging.

We always believe in bringing out the hidden talents and skills of our students. So we offer positive and supportive learning environment that ensures all students reach their utmost potential. At CCRC, besides regular studies, students involve in different clubs and societies such as Eco Club, Sports Club, Health Club, Art and Culture Club, English Society and IT Club, which provide platforms to our students in their areas of interests. These clubs and societies have proved highly fruitful to develop their skills, confidence and leadership qualities.

We are always proud of our students as well as our teaching and management staff for having created a history of both academic and extra-curricular excellences. We would like to express our heartiest thanks to our students, parents, teachers, staff and well-wishers for their wholehearted support in accomplishing this excellence sustaining these as the tradition as always.

Looking forward to having the opportunity of working with you.

  H C Lamichhane
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