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Founded with a dream of making it a center of learning with exceptional standard, CCRC has achieved unparalleled achievements not only in academic results, but also in student placement in MBBS, BE, Chartered Accountancy and world's top universities. Apart from the outstanding placement record, our students HSEB Board Examination result in also unparalleled. With the highest 89.6%, 184 students secured above 80% and 366 students secured distinction, including HSEB Board top 7 positions out of top 10, with the pass percentage of 99.5%. Many SLC toppers, district toppers and most potential students choose CCRC for their +2 education every year. This year, 46 students securing 90% above in SLC are studying in Grade XI. Around 5,500 applications were received during the admission process.
Similarly, many CCRCians are currently studying with full scholarships in the world's top ranked universities like Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Tokyo University and many other globally reputed Universities.

What Next?

To materialize our vision that all CCRCians pass with A+ and A Grade from the upcoming year, both in Science and Management; all scholarship seats of Medical (MBBS) and Engineering (BE) be bagged by CCRCians, and further increase the number of student placement in world's top universities; CCRC wants to have best students from across the country. We have decided to make our student selection process more effective and scientific. From this year, we are going to conduct the admission entrance exam of 150 objective questions with major focus on Science and Mathematics. It is our firm belief that this is only possible from the support of students, alumni, parents, faculties, staff and well wishers. Above all, the role of CCRC students and Alumni will be most significant. As in the World Top Ranked Universities practices, CCRC has also involved its students and alumni in the student selection process. In this regard our students and alumni are required to select ONE best performing student from the school or community you studied or from the relatives you are familiar with or from the one whom you know very well about her/his past academic track record. We are confident that our students and alumni can make better decision to select the genuinely potential students who meet all the standards of CCRC and perform best in +2 examination as well as competitive entrance exams like MBBS, BE and CA afterwards.
As you are selecting one best performing student in your opinion, you are taking part and contributing sincerely to add promising students to the CCRC community. Students recommended by students and alumni are genuinely sincere, goal oriented and even more attached with the college community.
Please take your time making sure that you select the most potential student to the best of your knowledge. Your recommendation will reward her/him additional scholarships during the admission as well.


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