Grade-XI Entrance Examination and Admission Information (2080/81)

Admission to CCRC is selective based on your past accomplishments and future potential. Your academic records of SEE level, standardized CCRC’s entrance exam results, and counselor’s/ teacher’s recommendation are the bases for the determination of your admission at CCRC.

Eligibility Criteria :

Science : Minimum 2.8 GPA (Optional Mathematics is compulsory) 

Management/Law : Minimum 2.0 GPA

Only regular SEE students of this year can apply.

Applying at CCRC; Registration form:

Admission registration forms will be available at the front desk at CCRC. Students can visit the college on working days to collect the form from the front desk. After filling all the necessary information in the form, students/parents must submit the form back to the college and get their admit card with their Entrance Symbol Number to appear in the CCRC Entrance Exam.

If students cannot visit the college physically, they can also apply online. However, the students who apply online must visit the college at least one day before the Entrance Exam to get their admit card and Entrance Symbol Number.

For online registration, please click here.
Fill out the details in the form, you will be asked to enter your email and create a password to access your CCRC Student Admission Portal. After you have successfully submitted your Application Form, you can access your CCRC Student Admission Portal to review your submitted data, and learn about the next steps to becoming a CCRCian such as, application form payment, CCRC Entrance Exam information and so on. You will also be notified through email communication in case of inability to access your CCRC Student Admission Portal.

Since the situation is normal post covid, we encourage all the students and parents to visit the college for the admission application process so that you can interact with our faculties as well as the counselors.

Entrance/Scholarships Test:

Students after successfully submitting the registration form (admission application form) who meet all the eligibility criteria of CCRC, can appear in the Entrance/Scholarships Test. The result of the entrance exam will be published generally on the next day of the entrance exam. The first list of the successful candidates from the entrance exam will be published on the college website, your mobile number via SMS, and through emails. The mobile number and the email you provide on the application form will be used for this purpose.

Scholarships of the successful candidate from the Entrance Exam will be determined based on the SEE Grade, and Entrance exam score until the quotas are available. Successful candidates from the entrance exam will be provided Admission Acceptance Letter and the Scholarships achieved on their email.

Admission Confirmation:

After successfully getting your name on the entrance exam results list and after receiving the admission acceptance letter, you will be eligible for direct admission. In some cases, students will be called for an interview where the students/parents will be informed about the interview.

You will be provided the scholarships based on your SEE GPA and the score you achieve in the entrance exam. Your scholarship will be mentioned clearly in the Admission Acceptance Letter. So, students are not required to approach the college or any administrative official for scholarships. Students can secure their admission by making necessary payments. All the detailed information regarding the payment procedure will be provided to you along with the Admission Acceptance Letter in your email. Our teachers and HODs can contact the students and their parents to make things clear about the scholarships and admission or you may contact them if necessary.

Note: Admission of the successful candidates from the entrance exam will be taken on a first come first basis until the quota of the CCRC is not fulfilled. Your admission procedure will be completed only after the payment of the first installment of the college fee.

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