The + 2 programs of CCRC are affiliated to National Education Board (NEB) formerly known as Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB). These programs are worldwide equivalent to 12 years high school or Intermediate level studies. After successfully passing SEE, the Grade X Board Examination, students get admission to Grade XI and they have to pass both Grade XI and XI board examinations separately to earn a degree of +2 Level qualification.

CCRC offers +2 Programs in three major streams: 1. Science, 2. Management, and 3. Law.

Science - NEB (+2)

Plus two in Science offers an integrated curriculum in English, Nepali, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science. This program is for those students who have an aptitude in science and mathematics. The program aims at equipping students with a level fit for further studies…

Management - NEB (+2)

Plus two in management course is designed to develop a strong foundation on management studies. The faculty offers courses designed to deliver both theoretical foundation and practical knowledge and skills in Accounting, Business Management, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism Management…


“You cannot live without the lawyers, and certainly you cannot die without them.”- Joseph H. Choate

Plus two in Law is comparatively new but highly demanded stream in Nepal offering an integrated knowledge in English, Nepali, Social Studies and other core subjects of legal discipline…

Teaching Methodology

CCRC has adopted modern teaching and learning methodology with the use of state-of-art equipment by the qualified and experienced faculty members. This approach is amalgamation of learning to maximize students’ potentiality. This ensures that the students will clearly and effectively learn. The achievements made by students are therefore reflected not only in the course of assessments and examinations, but also in their performance in future career.

Some of the instructional approaches include the following:

  • Lectures and Tutorials
  • Research
  • Participatory Approaches
  • Appreciative Inquiry Approach



Internal assessments are regularly conducted to ensure the ongoing progress of the students. Students are given weekly tests every week and two term examinations and one pre-board examination.  All students must appear in all internal tests and pass all the internal examinations. In case of failure, students are required to retake the examination. The college can take strict action against the students who do not attend the examinations without any justifiable prior requests to the college. In this way, the students are prepared for their final exams.