Facilities and Services


The College provides its own transportation facility to and from the college within Kathmandu valley at reasonable cost. The college makes every possible effort to minimize likely problems and irregularities of the bus. In unavoidable circumstances, however, students have to manage the means of transportation on their own. 


Students can enjoy their food stuff in the well-furnished and spacious cafeteria in the college premises where a wide choice of eatables is available at reasonable prices. CCRC pays due attention to the overall sanitation and hygienic condition of the food stuff.

Career Counseling

The counseling cubicle is open throughout the academic year to provide authentic counseling services in all the related fields to the students. Experienced counselors are available during all working days. The services include:

  • Academic counseling
  • Career counseling
  • Personal/Clinical counseling

Internet and Computer Lab

CCRC possesses a modern computer lab with plentiful number of computers. With the advent of new technological innovation in the field of information technology, the students will have the opportunities to enhance their potentiality with a depth of computer resources you might expect only at a much larger college. Though CCRC continues to explore the latest technological advantages for the students, the breadth of a CCRC education ranges far beyond technological breakthroughs.


The CCRC hostels are safe and affordable located within the walking distance from the college which houses boys and girls separately under the strict surveillance of responsible hostel wardens. Located in idyllic and serene vicinity, the CCRC hostels afford all the amenities so essential in living in groups under one roof. The hostels offer full board and accommodation with an atmosphere conducive to studying with close supervision…

Abroad Study Center

The college helps the students explore abroad studies opportunities upon their graduation. The abroad studies section provides full assistance to the students for their intended major search, placement in the top ranking universities and colleges overseas with scholarships and financial aid. The professional experts are available throughout the year for necessary support. Many CCRC graduates got enrolled and are continuing their studies in various faculties in reputed universities abroad. Students get full information about the admission procedures, scholarships and teaching learning environment in the US universities in house with the help staff from the United States Education Foundations (USEF) every year. 

Laboratory (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

CCRC has modern laboratories with hi-tech equipment for Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects, where the students perform experiments scientifically. Each student is facilitated with an individual instrument in a well-ventilated and spacious location in the lab. Practical classes are conducted under the strict supervision and guidance of respective subject instructors.


Students and faculty members are served with an up-to-date, well equipped library which is not merely a collection of books, but a resource center with modern state of art technology, designed to provide a high level support to the teaching and learning in the college. In addition, the large number of text books, reference books, journals, research reports, newsmagazines and newspapers are stocked in the library and the students have access to a wide range of electronic and multimedia resources.