The CCRC hostels are safe and affordable located within the walking distance from the college which houses boys and girls separately under the strict surveillance of responsible hostel wardens. Located in idyllic and serene vicinity, the CCRC hostels afford all the amenities so essential in living in groups under one roof. The hostels offer full board and accommodation with an atmosphere conducive to studying with close supervision.

Hostel is a home away from home. It is the boarders only who make the place of residence a sweet home. A sweet home is a paradise in real sense. The hostel provides strong sense of community, along with the endless opportunity to live and learn with people of diverse background. Thus in CCRC hostel, seniors love and guide juniors and the juniors pay respect to their seniors in turn.

Hostel has a separate kitchen with spacious dining hall where hygienically prepared meals are served to the boarders. The three time meals consist of breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. The types of meal vary as per the menu prepared.

Laundry facility for bed sheets, bed covers and college uniforms is available for all the boarders.

Students have ample opportunities to have sports activities at their leisure time and weekend inside the college premises. Also, sports are held during the weekend at a nearby field. The senior boys will coordinate the sports practice turn wise.