Law – NEB (+2)

10+2 Science

You cannot live without the lawyers, and certainly you cannot die without them.”- Joseph H. Choate

Plus two in Law is comparatively new but highly demanded stream in Nepal offering an integrated knowledge in English, Nepali, Social Studies and other core subjects of legal discipline like Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, etc. This program is for those students aspiring to become lawyers or prominent social scientist inside and outside the country. The program aims at preparing strong base of future lawyers to address the crisis in sector of law and justice.

After studying +2 law, students will be able to understand the dynamics of law and justice, also enabling them to choose right career path among various programs of Bachelors of Law. Even if the students decide to drop studying law in university, they can be outstandingly smart learners in any other subjects of social science and very importantly, a good law-abiding citizen.

Course Structure

Grade XI Grade XII
Comp. Nepali Comp. Nepali
Comp. English Comp. English

Compulsory Social Studies and Life Skills

Compulsory Social Studies and Life Skills

Jurisprudence and Legal Theories

Nepalese Legal System

Constitutional Law

Civil & Criminal Law & Justice

Procedural Law

Legal Drafting