Art and Culture Club

The Art and Culture Club is one of the 11 clubs of our very own CCRC college. As club members, we treat everyone as family. Every club is unique in their own way and unlike other club we promote the development and improvements of students by helping them realize their own potential by giving them a platform for exposing their truest self through their own talents that may have been buried inside them for a long time. One‘s greatest enemy is his own fear and here in this club, we support each other to make them feel more comfortable around people and eliminate the fear that might have been holding them back, giving them a changed personality and improved confidence with a intention of making a difference for themselves and the world.


CCRC Art & Culture Club was established by two students, Dipesh Kumar Das and Santosh Pokharel of XII-J 2065/66 batch on 9th Bhadra 2066 (25th Aug 2009) with other students of Grade XII. Six of them are founder members [Dipesh Kumar Das (J), Santosh Pokharel (J), Sarose Bhandari (L), Bibek Jha (E) , Aashish Aryal (L) and Umesh Adhikari (L)] and other three Radha Adhikari (D), Rijina Dangol (A) and Sushanta Shrestha (I) were selected later on.


  • CCRC Art & Culture Club within the two weeks of its establishment successfully conducted the ‘INTRA COLLEGE ART COMPETITION 2009’ at the college premises on 20th Bhadra 2066 (5th Sep 2009). Moreover, the candidate who was sent for the Inter College Art Competition as a representative of CCRC, stood first in all and made us more proud and No.1 in Drawing & Art as well
  • We have been conducting many activities like art competition, music competition, Talent hunt, etc.
  • We have cooperated with CCRC Health club in conducting the Donation Program for Cancer patient as well as CCRC Social Club for the donation to the children with Autism.
  • We also conducted a Street Concert with the cooperation of CCRC Humanity club in the name of charity.
  • These all are our extra time activities and we should not forget that we are here for study.

Why CCRC Art & Culture Club?

  • To present your hidden & immortal art and passion on the stage of CCRC.
  • To get your skill more ornamented with the help of skilled members.
  • To be a representative from CCRC for any of the Competition either in dancing, singing, acting, script writing, drawing, playing instruments or various other activities.

What does it do?

  • Art (drawing, etc) competition
  • Fresher’s Welcome Program with the mutual cooperation with other clubs and students
  • Music Competition
  • Talent Hunt
  • Swaraswati Puja
  • Charity Concerts
  • Farewell program