Club of Humanity


CCRC Club of Humanity was established with the intent of apprehending youths about Human Rights in 2012 A.D. CCRC Club of Humanity is an alliance that embraces the fundamental belief that our morality should possess, in communion with humanity. This club is a commencement that helps to ensure human rights that all the human beings are entitled to.

CCRC club of humanity is a successor to former organization “Human Rights Education Club”, initiated by European along with some Nepalese human rights volunteers. The club was prefaced by the sequel of a workshop held by this organization every Friday for 4 months, with the purpose of creating awareness about human rights. CCRC Club of Humanity was a desideratum for serving humankind for the sake of humanity after their leap on September 17 2012. Precendently, on September 7 2012, 5 executive members had been selected by the volunteers for leading the club. Once and for all, a new club, which was a small step towards evolution of humanity, CCRC CLUB OF HUMANITY was endowed.

Verbalization of logo:

With the motto “Let’s join our hands for humanity” , CCRC Club of Humanity runs with a motive of fixing patches in humanity. The ultimatum of this club, which is to unite mankind for positivity and togetherness, is emblematized by its logo. The Globe in the logo epitomizes its inclusive feature of bringing equity. The three people joining hands together is a view of unity and brotherhood. A Blue Bird above it symbolizes freedom; freedom which we are entitled to ever since we be in this blue planet. All of this consociate, represented by the laurel leaves encompassing the logo. There’s more to that for the sake of Humanity.

Efforts for impact:

CCRC Club of Humanity is a youth alliance that works not only to create awareness among people about the rights they are entitled to, but also to address the dire situation of humanity across the world and to inspire the youth to embrace the morality that one should be having. It is bustling relentlessly to shield the humanity that is headed for disaster. Since the inauguration of the club, it has been endeavoring to be a voice for the voiceless, such as by disseminating awareness (via programs and mass media), conducting public speaking programs, seminars and documentations. It has been pursuing to accomplish its goal of being a hand to helpless by conducting campaigns for donations for the ‘old’, ‘looked after children’ and is intending to widen its approach to ‘intellectually challenged children’ and victims of other kinds. The club with collaboration with national and international organizations advocating for Human Rights, Blue Diamond Society and Amnesty International to name a few, is reaching out to a colossal mass of people, acquainting them about LGBTI issues, acid attacks, global issues, the varied forms of violence that people go through and many more. These are efforts for impact thereby actualizing the fact that we can use our innate talent to create an impact for the sole purpose of sowing humanity. 


  • To conduct programs and seminars for advocating human rights.
  • To conduct donation programs.
  • To conduct public speaking programs for personality development and to tailor the message to               the audience.
  • To involve the community in radiating awareness.
  • To involve students in humanitarian activities.
  • To strengthen leadership skills and enhance personality development.
  • To bring students’ engrossment in global issues. 

Activities and achievements:

  •       Workshops on human rights
  •       Quiz, debate and oratory contests
  •       Motivational seminar
  •       CA workshop
  •       Debate and Extempore Competition for freshers ( August 23 , 2018)
  •         Week long documentary showcasing of Disabled Rehabilitation Center DRC and Om Bridha Ashram and Fund raising titled as “ A Penny for Cause” (December 2018)
  •         Donation in DRC and Om Bridha Aasram (December 30,2018)
  •         Panel Discussion titled as “Ensuring Human Rights by Celebrating LGBTIQ Community in Nepal” in presence of representatives of Blue Diamond Society and Amnesty International (Preliminary Round and Grand Panel Discussion (February, 2019)
  •         Farewell to Batch 2074/75 (May 26, 2019)
  •         Blood Donation Program supported by CCRC Club Of Humanity (June 29 ,2019)
  •         Interview with Mrs. Shashi Bhatta Sharma , A social worker fighting for the rights of single women (July 1, 2019)
  •         Public Speaking Program titled as “ My Opinions: A voice for Human Rights” conducted in four phases with association of Amnesty International Nepal and Blue Diamond Society, and Nayaa Kura and Squad Help as media partner. Phase 1:Seminar on Human Rights (August 1 2019) Phase 2:Workshop on Public Speaking (August 20 2019) Phase 3: Qualifying Rounds (August 21 2019) Phase :4 Grand Finale (August 23 2019)
  •         Orientation regarding Human Rights, Youth and Amnesty International conducted at Amnesty International Nepal  (August 31 2019)
  •         Invitation of Blue Diamond Society for the cinema “Maruni, Colors of life ;supporting LGBTIQs (September 4, 2019)
  •         Participation in Fridays for future , Climate change justice rally (September 27, 2019)
  •         Acid Attack Awareness campaign in mass media titled as “PUBLIC CRITIQUE” along with visits to different schools of the valley and acid attack survivor Jenny Khadka (October/ November 2019)
  •         Release of fund raising video of 15 year old cancer patient Bipana Siwa (October23 , 2019)
  • Release of fund raising video of 15 year old cancer patient, Bipana Siwa(23 October, 2019)
  • Acid attack awareness campaign in mass media titled as “PUBLIC CRITIQUE ” along with visits to        different schools of the valley and acid attack survivor Jenny khadka(October/November 2019)
  • OPEN MIC SESSION 2019 organized by CCRC CLUB OF HUMANITY in association with BLUE DIAMOND SOCIETY (21 November,  2019)
  • Mr. Pratik Humagain, an executive member of CCRC CLUB OF HUMANITY attended an orientation of Amnesty International Nepal (November 25, 2019)
  • Monthly Humanity Discussion on Acid Attacks in association with Amnesty International Nepal accompanied by Jenny khadka ( 20 December,2019)
  • Christmas celebration at Disabled Rehabilitation Centre, Gokarneshwor ( 25 December,2019)
  • CHARITY CONCERT 2076 organized by CCRC CLUB OF HUMANITY in association with CCRC ART AND CULTURE CLUB (17 January,2020)
  • Donation Program 2076 conducted successfully at DRC.
  • Handed over treatment cost of Rs.15,000 to the family of Bipana Siwa, a 15 year old cancer patient ( 15 February,2020)
  • Handed over Rs.15,000 to Jenny Khadka, an acid attack survivor ( 16 February, 2020)
  • Release Of community awareness video regarding the pandemic COVID-19 and lockdown.
  • Online video conferencing “Bipatti, Bigya ra Janasarokar” with Surendra Bista, Mahadev Bajgain, Kp khanal, Dr. Parkash Timilsina(22 April, 2020)
  • Online video conferencing “Bipatti, Bigya ra Janasarokar-2” with NEB officer Dharma Tiwari ( 1 May, 2020)