IT Club

CCRC IT Club is a tech club formed by the students of Capital College and Research Centre (CCRC) in 2068 BS. Being one of the first clubs to be founded in CCRC, CCRC IT Club has been providing a platform for students to explore their interests in IT and computer science.
CCRC IT Club is a student organization within a high school, focused on promoting interest, education and innovation in the fields of information technology, computer science, and related disciplines. The club is dedicated to encouraging a culture of learning and exploration within these areas, and aims to provide students with opportunities to develop and hone their technical skills and knowledge.
The primary mission of CCRC IT Club is to provide a dynamic and inclusive platform for high school students to discover and cultivate their interests in the fields of IT and computer science. Through a series of engaging workshops, seminars, and events, the club aims to equip students with the technical knowledge and skills needed to excel in programming, web development, and other areas of technology. Ultimately, the club strives to prepare students for future careers in the IT industry by providing a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

Some recent programs conducted:
i. Donation program in orphanage with awareness related to IT sector
ii. Coding competition
iii. Workshops
iv. IT Fest