The Scientific Circle

“Exploring knowledge via Science”

Acquiring this motto as a goal and a responsibility CCRC Scientific Circle was established in 2015 A.D  as the youngest club here in Capital College And Research Centre(CCRC). Having an energetic and dedicated crew from both grade XI and XII, the club acts as a bridge between the world of theoretical science and  its practical application, in a manner to serve humankind efficiently through different program and workshops within CCRC. The CCRC Scientific Circle has a strong diplomatic relationship with many prestigious organizations active in Nepal viz. Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO), Nepal Physics Olympiad (NePho), Mathematics Olympiad of Nepal (MOON) and Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN). The club has scheduled sets of programs throughout the year. The sequence of programs begins with an introductory contest right after the recruitment of newcomers which is followed by Robotics Training Workshop and competition. The set of programs includes Olympiad Introduction and Interaction Session and few model Olympiad exams. The club has also been planning to organize intra college science exhibition. We’ve been participating in Institute of Engineering (IOE) Exhibition in three different areas of Civil Engineering (CESS exhibition), Mechanical Engineering (MechTRIX exhibition) and Electrical Engineering (LOCUS exhibition). The series of program ends with participation in National Physics Olympiad (NePho), Mathematics Olympiad of Nepal (MOON)  and National Astronomy Olympiad (NAO). Having a great prestige and honor inside and outside the college, CCRC Scientific Circle is the best platform for innovation and invention in a delicately entertaining manner. In a nutshell, CCRC Scientific Circle is a mediator between students and the world of science with its implication in practical life.

Objectives and Aims:

  1. To enlighten the books and corner of CCRC with very simple and conceptual logic that one has studied relating science.
  2. To discover the hidden potentiality of the students in the field of science.
  3. To highlight the practical aspects of this multidisciplinary subject.
  4. To embrace the creative ideas of the students and implement them for the betterment of all.



  1. Inter and Intra College Exhibition.
  2. Maze of Science.
  3. Olympiad Interaction Session.
  4. Robo Racing.
  5. Geo Science and Planetarium.
  6. Preparation for CIVIL EXHIBITION, LOCUS, MECHTRIX of Pulchowk Campus and different program of Kathmandu University
  7. Mini Olympiad for Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy


 Participation & Achievements:

1.Won the +2 Techno Civil- 2075 Award at Pulchowk Campus organized  by CESS -Nepal.(Feb 10,2019)

  1. First Runner-up of LOCUS Quiz 2019 organized  by Pulchowk Campus.(Jan 25,2019)
  2. Won the +2 Techno Civil- 2076 Award at Pulchowk Campus organized  by CESS -Nepal. (Jan 25,2020)
  3. Winner of 17th National Technological Festival organized by LOCUS-2020 IOE Pulchowk Campus.(Feb 2,2020)
  4. Second Runner-up of Hardware Hacathon organized by Kathmandu University Robotics Club(KURC) as one of the program of AAVISKAR-19 (Dec 10,2019)
  5. One of the successful team of Asteriod Search Campaign conducted by Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO).
  6. Participated  in Robo Racing in YATRA-3.0:Technology Bridging Creativity organized  by Nation College of Engineering (NCE). (Jun 13,2019)
  7. Participated in Hardware Project Competition organized by LOCUS-2020.(Feb 2,2020)
  8. Participated in Robo Race With Obstacles on INNO FEST-2020 organized by VS Niketan.(Feb 21,2020)